If you find yourself in a difficult position with your mortgage payments and are behind on your payments or in arrears, the first thing to do is not to panic.

More often than you realise, there is a simple solution. Acting fast can make all the difference and save you £1,000s so if you would like some help from our expert team, click here to contact us.

We are here to help and can stop repossession – Action today may save you £1,000s…

There are a series of options depending on your circumstances.

Here are a series of steps to follow:

  1. Seek Advice
    Go and get free advice from a charity. Citizens advice are a great place to start – but also the money charity, Shelter and the Debt Advice Foundation can all be of help.

  2. Take Action!
    If you have missed one month’s worth of payments, the time is now to take some action. You must communicate, because not communicating always leads to a worse outcome. Remember your lender is regulated and wants to avoid repossession wherever possible.

  3. Payment Plans can give you time to sell
    Your lender will offer you a payment plan, allow reasonable time for it, and most importantly will allow you to stay in the property while you sell it for a reasonable time period. They will not repossess unless all other solutions have failed.

  4. Honesty is always best
    Be honest with your lender about your current financial position. This is the time to put the cards on the table. They are legally obliged to help you under the law.

  5. Read the pre-action letter
    If you have missed more payments, repossession can still be avoided. You should receive a pre-action letter before any repossession proceedings are started. It should be clear and easy to understand.

  6. Contact Us
    There are a whole series of events that stop the lenders taking court action – for example, if your income is about to improve. Or if you are accessing support from your local council under a homelessness prevention scheme. Or if you have appointed a professional debt advisor to help you. At Quick and Simple we can help you with all these matters.

  7. Keep to your word
    You must keep to any firm promises and dates that you make – so it is particularly important to set these realistically bearing your circumstances in mind.

  8. Complete the right forms
    There are several forms to fill out if the process is going further. You will need to fill out forms N11M and N244 to the best of your ability if a hearing has been set because you are 3 months or more in arrears.

  9. It is never too late for us to help
    Even at the hearing, repossession is not a foregone conclusion. The judge appointed will be fair and reasonable and look at commitments you have made and the efforts you have made to get things back on track.

  10. Show commitment by making small payments
    Making a small payment before the hearing is a good idea to show commitment.

  11. Even with a possession order, we can help
    If a possession order is issued, there are still 28 days or longer to act, and it is not too late to remedy the situation.

  12. You always have options
    You can even then look for an open market sale via an estate agent, go to an auction, or sell the property to Quick and Simple, who can navigate this tricky and confusing process by providing you with speed, certainty and clarity.


Quick and Simple can exchange contracts quickly and show the judge the evidence that the transaction is proceeding and thus repossession can be stopped. Often, we come across situations where people are still being chased for repossession debts decades afterwards – this can be avoided by coming to a quick conclusion and moving on.

Debt can be overwhelmind and stressful… To understasnd how selling your house may help ease the burden of debt for you… Leave us a message on our contact form  and we will be in touch to help you sell your house before repossession, and we can answer some of your questions directly about stopping repossession.

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