At Quick and Simple we understand that this is one of the most significant issues that people are dealing with on a day to day basis. It can be difficult to understand, and, worst of all, once you are in unsustainable debt then all that happens is that companies and banks load on more and more fees, at the time when you can afford it the least.

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The constant letters and phone calls are tiring and put more pressure on.

In reality the whole country operates on credit and debt and so you are far from alone. Everyone has dealt with a time in their life where debt has been the number one thing at the front of their mind, and at Quick and Simple we are no different. We understand these situations from our own experiences! 

Sometimes the debt has been attached to your house in the form of a second charge, or a second mortgage. You might be fortunate enough to have a rental property that you can sell to reduce or pay off your outstanding debts elsewhere. Everyone is different. 

Our expert team have helped many people solve their debt worries

If you are looking to consider whether to sell your rental property to pay off debt, or whether you should sell your house to pay off debt, you will want to know some more about selling property when in debt. Here are several handy tips to help you with the decision:

  1. Budgeting is crucial
    Do you know what your monthly incomings and outgoings are? There are lots of tools available on the internet, or offline, to help you with budgeting.


  2. Will selling help relieve debt pressure?
    Will selling the property solve the problem? Sometimes, the property is part of the problem. These days empty properties very quickly run up hundreds of pounds a month in bills just for being empty – council tax bills which are ever-increasing, and utility companies, amongst other things.


  3. Can I sell my house quickly when I am in debt?
    Absolutely. Often, if you are being pursued for outstanding debt, agreeing a house sale with Quick and Simple can be the first step towards managing the debt owed elsewhere.


  4. Can I sell my property quickly even if I have two mortgages against it?
    Again, yes this is possible. We know that many people have used second charge loans or second mortgages to release money for everyday expenses, or because of unexpected news and events that have meant they needed cash. The process does not change for Quick and Simple – we merely need to know what is outstanding in terms of loans and look at the price to see what we can offer to bring the situation to a close!


  5. How quickly can I get the money?
    It is common for our clients to receive funds within 7 days of agreeing a sale, and we can also help with redeeming outstanding debts as part of dealing with Quick and Simple.


Debt can be overwhelmind and stressful… To understasnd how selling your house may help ease the burden of debt for you… Leave us a message on our contact form  and we will be in touch to help you sell your house before repossession, and we can answer some of your questions directly about stopping repossession.

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