Here is a situation that comes up all the time. It is always a difficult time, with the passing of a loved one, and often you have responsibilities that you were not expecting and don’t understand. It is even tougher when dealing with selling a house after the death of a parent. What does it mean to be an executor? Or a beneficiary? These are not everyday terms! It couldn’t come at a worse time with everything else there is to deal with, other grieving family members, things to move, other things to organise and sort out. This blog post has been written to help with the situation, if you would like any more advice or support, we are here to help, fill out the contact us form on our website, one of our expert team will get in touch.

Can this be done easily? The answer is yes!

In order to complete a sale legally, there will need to be a grant of probate – there are questions to answer, and forms to fill in. It is much easier to do this with the help of a good solicitor – and our solicitors are very experienced in this area. We can take care of all of the costs of this for you and support you through the process of selling your inherited property as well, should you choose to sell the house to Quick and Simple.

Compassion and communication is essential and our team are always on hand to help.

We know it can be even harder because not everyone might agree as to whether to sell, when to sell, and what price should be achieved – aside from anything else. When siblings inherit a house and one wants to sell, and one doesn’t – as always, the best way through these situations is to talk through them and get to an agreement that works and seems fair to everyone.

Selling a property after death is hard enough without pushing in different directions from other family members.

Can you sell a house quickly after a bereavement? Yes, you absolutely can. The grant of probate, which is legally required, can take some time – but the sale can be agreed very quickly, only depending on the grant of probate. Using experienced solicitors, as we do, speeds up this process as much as possible. The simple rule of thumb is that the more complicated the estate that the deceased leaves behind, the longer the grant of probate will take.

Selling an inherited house contains some specific challenges and there is some help below with getting to the best conclusion for you, and any other beneficiaries, as quickly as possible:

  1. Seek Advice
    Read all the advice on the government website:

  2. Who is going to do the work and/or pay for solicitors?
    You need to decide – are you applying yourself and doing all the work and the reading needed? Paying a specialist probate solicitor to do it for you? Or are you going to let Quick and Simple take care of all of the cost and hassle of that for you?

  3. Are you ready to sell?
    Do you have the sole authority to sell the property? Or do you need agreement/consent from other executors, siblings or other people not even part of the family?

  4. Does the property need a refurbishment?
    Unfortunately, the typical inherited house needs a considerable spend to bring it up to modern standards and make an attractive proposition for a new buyer. Do you want to spend many thousands of £££ on contractors, kitchens, bathrooms and electrics? Refurbishments also take time and can be very stressful to manage.

  5. Is the property freehold or leasehold?
    Often, an inherited leasehold property can also face the challenge of a short lease which makes selling it a lot more difficult (because buying it is also a lot more difficult, as mortgage lenders don’t like short leases).

  6. Are there any disputes with the property or the neighbours?
    It is always sensible to settle these first before trying to sell a property, or let a professional such as Quick and Simple help out in these situations.

  7. Is it obvious that it is an inherited house?
    Selling an inherited house can be difficult because something such as presenting it for sale in its best light can require clearing out of items with sentimental value. Sometimes it is far easier if someone does this for you. At Quick and Simple this is something we can help with as part of our whole offering to you.

  8. Do you have the compliance documentation?
    There are lots of forms to fill in – fixtures and fittings, property information, you need energy performance certificates, many buyers will want full gas surveys and electrical condition reports – and often, these have not been upgraded/carried out in some years when selling a house quickly after bereavement.

  9. Is the house safe and suitable for viewings?
    Sometimes there are modifications that have been carried out that make this difficult, or can put some buyers off. If this is your situation, send us a message – we can help.

  10. Is there a lodger?
    Again, these situations can have issues at the worst possible time for you. The situations are resolvable, put your trust in the professionals at Quick and Simple and we will resolve it for you and get the best result for you, and any other beneficiaries.

Selling inherited properties can be draining and cause families to fallout. If you are selling an inherited property and would like a Quick and Simple Solution, that makes life easier for you at a difficult time, leave us a message on our contact form and we will be in touch to help you with achieving the best outcome when selling inherited property!

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