Divorce is always a difficult situation and never comes at a good time. One of the first things that comes to mind in a divorce is selling the house. Sometimes a divorced husband refuses to sell the house. Often, you will want to leave the property and any memories or problems behind, and have a fresh start. Sometimes, it may be about selling the marital property before divorce. Our expert team are on hand to help through this difficult time, contact us to find out more. 

These situations require experience, discretion and understanding in order to handle them properly.

Does it have to be one more big problem on top of all the other issues that divorce creates? No, not necessarily. Here are some tips and handy hints to get the best result for selling your house in a divorce situation:

  1. Can an agreement be reached?
    Try to come to an agreement with your partner/ex-partner. This is easy to say and difficult to do, of course, but it is always better when lines of communication are open.

  2. Marketing is key
    Present the house for sale in the best way that you can. Think of all the things that made you choose it as a home in the first place, and highlight those features to any potential buyer.

  3. Keep the furniture
    Keep furniture in place, so that it looks homely and lived in, wherever possible.

  4. Do you have agreement to sell the property?
    Is this an agreement from all owners/everyone involved? This is one of the first hurdles to cross of course.

  5. Is the house a rental property, and/or an old home that you used to own?
    If so, is there a tenant there? Selling a joint property after a divorce can be done very quickly and simply.

  6. Is your wife or husband refusing to sell the house in a divorce?
    A third party can be very helpful. Mediation or arbitration is much better and also cheaper than solicitors. Alternatively, an experienced and discrete third party property professional from Quick and Simple can help as part of the deal, when transacting with us.

  7. Don’t want to sell?
    The situation can be very complicated depending on what’s happened. You are best to be fully aware of your rights during a divorce: a good place to start is https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/family/ending-a-relationship/how-to-separate/ways-to-end-your-marriage/

  8. Do you have to wait until a divorce is finalised to sell your house?
    Not at all – you can sell a joint property after divorce, during, or before if you prefer. The important thing is to get to a resolution that works for you.

  9. One person selling is much easier!
    Try to organise things so one person is in charge of the sale. It is stressful and difficult enough to sell a property without having constant arguments over things. Agree what will and won’t work for both of you beforehand – have a plan.

  10. Selling to Joe Public is more complicated
    Find a buyer who understands the circumstances, has dealt with them before and can get to a fair resolution for all parties. Then you can move on with life.

Selling a property after divorce can cause stress, anxiety and upset. So, if you would like someone to take away both the hassle and the arguments, leave us a message on our contact form and we will be in touch to help you find a Quick and Simple Solution!

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